Albums are not included in the photography booking price as some brides don’t want one or use digital frames and website. You also have the choice to make your own (using on line firms such as Bobs books).

However, should you want an album from me, which you can decide after your wedding, they are an additional cost but at reasonable prices and there is a wide choice of albums.

Traditional Albums
– These are post bound or Book bound albums that contain “real” prints and are mounted on the page. The prices of these vary greatly depending on what type of cover and size you choose. As a guide these with photos start at around £200 but can be more depending on what you choose. What is different is you get sent a trade catalogue to choose from and pay trade prices.

Artemis Album
– This a new product and costs £260 complete. I design for you and the photos are seamlessly mounted on the page.

Storybook Album
– This is our most popular album and is a hard backed book with the images seamlessly across double pages. Downloads can be seen on the last page of my website.  Prices are detailed below.

Designer album
– This is our top of the range album and costs up to £1500. It is
a mix of the storybook and traditional album.

Storybook Prices

Main Storybook Album Price.

Size Pages
Images Price
(includes VAT)
Popular Main 20 x 30 cm
– A4
20 30 – 40 £250
Popular Main
20 x 30 cm – A4
40 – 50
Large Main 25 x 35 cm 30 30 – 40
Large Main 25 x 35 cm 40 40 – 50
X Large Main
40 x 50 cm
50 50 – 60


Dust Jacket only cover on A4 size album.

Copy Storybook Albums
these are an exact copy of your main storybook album.

Parents books
– an A4 book with dust cover
1 copy £200  2 copies £260
Small Books – an
A5 book with dust cover
2 copies £170
Pocket Hard back books
(10 x 13cm)
3 copies £100
Pocket soft back books
(10 x 13 cm)
8 copies £100

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